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5eLTM Technologies is a Canadian technology company, engaged in design & development of state of the art electronic hardware products & firmware solutions. We have a team that has 24+ years of industry experience in performing the state of the art projects with companies like Bosch, Philips, BEL, Packet Video to name a few, in the hardware/firmware design & development in areas like Automotive, Controls, Multimedia

We are focussed in Designing & Manufacturing of GNSS tracking equipment. Providing Custom IoT products from designing, developing, and manufacturing for a wide range of fields in Industrial, automotive and home.


5eL device provides IoT based intelligent farming solutions.

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There is nothing better than seeing your kid safe and happy

Let us protect that smile.

5eL device in a truck provides detailed information of the distance covered, data, mileage, geo location, speed.

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Let it snow!!! We will keep you updated.

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