World-Class Solutions for your Business

The 5eLTM provides hardware integrated solutions and products of longer battery life, to help you manage your assets seamlessly and deliver immediate business value.

Firmware solutions

Customized hardware design & development and firmware solutions are the core competencies of the 5eLTM

Transportation services

5eLTM device in a truck provides detailed information of the distance covered, data, mileage, geo location, speed.

Healthcare Solutions

5eL TM device monitors, collects and transfers health data and can be shared with an authorized person to look at the reports.


5eLTM device provides IoT based intelligent farming solutions for measuring the sunlight, humidity, soil moisture, crop health using sensors and automating the irrigation system.

Parental Monitoring

5eLTM customizes & tracks location, and alerts when the device leaves a specific area providing the exact location so that you can know exactly where your child is.

Smart Home

Our system is designed for simplicity, easy to use that provides a variety of services by interfacing various sensors with smart devices or Wi-Fi as a comprehensive Smart Home Monitor.

5eLTM team is always there for your support in each step

Tech Support

Our 24 x 7 technical support team provides help regarding your specific problems with the product or service.

Data Security

5eLTM's data security means protecting your digital data, from the unwanted actions of unauthorized users.

Software Dev

From designing, programming, documenting, testing, to bug fixing, 5eLTM is involved in creating and maintaining software applications.